frame of reference – n. any set of of lines, directions, planes, etc., such as the coordinate axes, relative to which the position of a point in a space can be described.

This entire blog is an attempt at being consistent about the storytelling process. Machines In The Garden is meant to tap into the heartbeat of the city and its streets. It sets the tone for the rest of the works to be fluid, self contained projects that move through the landscape and its moods.

In 2010, I put together a book of photos which I had taken over the course of five or six years, and, along with text that was cut from various short stories and poems, I created a document that began to define the vision of what I was attempting to write about and wanted to capture. I was more naive, but ground was broken, and the course of future projects had momentum.

Every connection back to the beginning has influenced the direction of where I’m going. You can download the document by clicking the link below. I hope you enjoy.

MachinesInTheGarden, 2010 – [PDF]: MITG [visualsketchbook]

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