Modern Logic

fiction -  I'm searching for a ghost that I'm afraid to see. I used to look for it by driving familiar streets and boulevards late at night, each one imbued with its own collection of myths. I was fond of the one where we drove to the ocean and listened to oldies on the radio. [...]

The Museum

fiction - I believe that there are physical places in this world that are able to mine the ghosts that exist deep inside ourselves. That are able to pull back the layers and reveal an undiscovered country. A place which exists in our bones. In our marrow. In our soul. There is a lonely bar [...]


fiction - I’m walking down 8th and Olive in the hot afternoon and I stop at the corner of the street, waiting for the light to change, and when it does I look both ways and step off the curb. A girl in a red skirt and a flower in her hair passes swiftly by, [...]


fiction - Song, Artist, Album, Year Song: Any Color You Like Artist: Pink Floyd Album: Dark Side of The Moon Year: 1973 Grandma Grandma is buried in Rose Hills, far East of Downtown, a beautiful and rolling piece of land from which you can see the entire LA basin stretched between Palos Verdes and the [...]

The Outer Reaches

fiction - “Who in this bowling alley bowled the sun? Who made it always when it rises set: To go at once both down, and up to get?” - Edward Taylor (1645-1729) The desert sky is full of stars. As the two drive in the big car through the night, they don’t say much to each [...]

Plum Wine

fiction - She drives a 1980 Volvo 343 Blue Special that her Dad handed down to her after College. She sits in her car, down the block from her parents house, trying to figure out where to go for the night. Some friends text her earlier, and they presented options, but she has yet to [...]


fiction - We're on a park bench, facing a lake, and though her body is positioned forward, away from me, I can see from the corner of my eyes that her head is turned in my direction. She's burning holes in me with her eyes, figuring something out, so I turn and meet her gaze. [...]