Modern Logic

fiction –  I’m searching for a ghost that I’m afraid to see. I used to look for it by driving … More

The Museum

fiction – I believe that there are physical places in this world that are able to mine the ghosts that … More


fiction – I’m walking down 8th and Olive in the afternoon and I stop at the corner of the street, … More


  fiction –   Song, Artist, Album, Year Song: Any Color You Like Artist: Pink Floyd Album: Dark Side of … More

The Outer Reaches

fiction –   “Who in this bowling alley bowled the sun? Who made it always when it rises set: To … More

Plum Wine

fiction – She drives a 1980 Volvo 343 Blue Special that her Dad handed down to her after College. She … More


fiction – We’re on a park bench, facing a lake, and though her body is positioned forward, away from me, … More

Green River

fiction –  Mike rides like the wind on a night during the last slow stretch of Fall. Cold, fast, and … More


fiction – We’re in a cafe with red vinyl 1950’s style booths. There are tiny little jukeboxes on the ends … More

A Book of Portraits

fiction – I want to take your picture I want to guide your eye I want to love you deeply … More