Chopperfest 2018

On Sunday, Feb. 4, I woke up with no intention of heading out further than the gym. Last year I … More

A Day in Paradise

A year ago I started a Moto-photo project at the Long Beach Cycle Swap with an old Minolta 35mm camera, … More

The Last Month

The last month has moved with a quickness through the season. I’m not going to make a big statement about … More

Stop the World

busy: engaged in action / being in use. Everyone is busy lately. Living, breathing, Instagramming their food. I’ve also been … More


“Remember, this is a comedy” – Federico Fellini Last week I re-watched The Right Stuff, Philip Kaufman’s 1983 film – … More

An Aside

I left the house the other day, just to get some fresh air for an hour or two. I went for a … More


This entire blog is an attempt at being consistent about the storytelling process. Machines In The Garden is meant to tap into … More