“The Universe ends every day …” – Paige

UPDATED on 11/21/2018

This work, like many of the pieces that I have written, is interconnected with others. I’ll give a brief description of the parts below, and add PDF’s for each chapter as I complete them.

The name came from the documentary David Lynch: The Art Life, from the mouth of Lynch himself, talking about a vision that he had for his work. Most of the ideas for DARK FANTASTIC DREAMS, however, came to me while visiting Japan during the Fall of 2018. I wanted to write about Los Angeles, but I wanted interconnected stories, similar to what was going in in ANY COLOR YOU LIKE.

The scnes came to me in fragments and slowly I started piecing together a story. The line, “the Universe ends every day,” popped into my mind while visiting a temple in Tokyo. The other lines followed in no particular order, and close to the end of the trip, in a Hotel Room in Osaka at 4 A.M., the last line came to me in a dream – “I was alone in the cold dry sea.”

I was reading East of Eden at the time, so I took to heart what Steinbeck said about knowing the end point, the goal, and then forgetting it and focusing on the journey. So, I woke up in the darkness of the room and wrote a long note on my phone. I arbitrarily decided on roughly 10 twenty-page chapters, picked out their names, and started writing.

It’s an L.A. story, but Japan taught me how to use the tools that I needed.

The first scene for DARK FANTASTIC DREAMS has since been re-worked into a screenplay for the Writing Sample portion of my M.F.A. application.


B: “The Universe end every day.”

  1.  ACYL
  2. Tomorrow Never Knows
  3. Searching for Order (Stay Behind Yellow Lines)
  4. Nada
  5. Exodus
  6. Sometimes We Need Our Demons (How Soon Is Now?/Love IV Ever)
  7. Ven Aqui
  8. Osaka Station City
  9. I Never Want to Say Goodbye
  10. Grandparents

E: “I was alone in the cold dry sea.”

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