Now I am quietly waiting for
the catastrophe of my personality
to seem beautiful again,
and interesting, and modern
– Frank O’Hara

Take a picture, write some words, leave a trace.
Learn and learn and learn from all of your mistakes.

read and breathe and start from the past. classics are in fashion, so read them.

then think & practice. visualize the shift of light. make sense of the room before flipping the switch.

see the city grow and imagine it. overtake machines and their internal logic.

draw the human brain in sketchpads & notebooks. paper, pen, and ink. take too many pictures and spend Saturdays painting and never finish portraits.

play in sunsets and beneath distant star light. relish cloudy days & fog. follow frenzied nights into mountain roads. empty space, a silent universe in motion.

washed out walls. blurred love. endless city lights. shifting foundations. vacant buildings in empty lots. canyon drives.

the beach provides many stories.

the sound of the freeway like the ocean if you close your eyes … “They are impressions” she said, and she was right, they are like Machines In The Garden …

I resent machines that can swiftly surmount; for people, however, the opposite counts.

You are all a lost generation, she said.

I apologize Ms. Stein, but … We were never found.