The Biggest Little City in the West

essay - Laughlin How and when this happened, I don't know, but as we walked through the casino floor on Saturday night, I had a revelation - this is how America see's itself. Not in the glitz and shine of places like New York, LA, or Vegas, but in the roughness that this land still holds [...]


The desk light is on and my watch shows 3:31 AM and the house is silent. I step out through the doors and onto the deck overlooking the grainy faded shoreline. As my eyes adjust I resolve the shapes of other buildings near the water and trace their sharp edges in the dark. Neil Young [...]

Ventura Chopperfest 2018

pictures - 14th Annual David Mann Chopperfest On Sunday, Feb. 4, I woke up with no intention of heading anywhere. Last year I missed Chopperfest due to an engine problem, so this time, after cleaning my place, making breakfast, and scoping around on IG, 9:30am seemed early enough to still drive to Ventura and see [...]

Paradise Road Show 2018

pictures - A Day in Paradise A year ago I started a Moto-photo project at the Long Beach Cycle Swap with an old Minolta 35mm camera, but it didn't pan out the way that I intended. I couldn't really scan the images with the quality and quickness that I wanted, so, like with a lot [...]

Oct. – Nov. 2018

pictures - The Last Month The pace since mid October has moved with a quickness through the season. I'm not going to make a big statement about the good or the bad, or about what overall percent of the total time has been either. Instead, I'll shut my mouth for a bit, and let the [...]

EDR 2017

pictures - Stop the World and Let Me Off Everyday moves fast, and lately that seems more true than ever. Living, breathing, Instagramming. I've been busy and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Riding, working, walking, talking, meeting people, missing people, thinking, going out, staying in. Rinsing and repeating. I'm trying [...]