“If man were never to fade away like the dews of Adashino, never to vanish like the smoke over Toribeyama, but lingered on forever in the world, how things would lose their power to move us! The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty.”— Yoshida Kenko, Essays in Idleness


I think,

when we first met,

the decade was moving towards something


You were with me at a house party in a suburb,

at the cusp of growing up,

barely scraping by


Making drinks under the soft glow of kitchen light,

as electric beats moved through the texture of our space


We moved on the dance floor,

before the cops came,

and we ran out laughing through the back door


You were with me

driving on the freeway in the dusk light,

on our way to the cheap theater,

to watch our nightmares became our friends.


You were with me that crazy morning,

at The Pantry in Downtown,

when we drove to Santa Monica to watch the sun rise


You were there,

disappearing with me,

through the streets of the city


As time passes

I wonder

if I’ll lose the light that adds depth to the pictures in the chambers of my mind


That one day those visions will deteriorate,

and I will forget the small exchanges that

we had on nights when we were a little more free