I. X

born under one star,
we go under the same

late day colors burst
light collapses on the fray

your touch is what I miss
smile, radiant heart

bits of imagination
illuminated from the start

stay with me on this warm night in July

far from Elliot’s cruelest month
and Faulkner’s sad retreat

I will quote the lines of famous films
for you to fall asleep

II. Someday

we last met in a room
at the end of the infinite hallway

in an old Seville house
hard patterned wall to wall

a color, almost transparent
washed over your face

eyes, they stared
almost back into the ocean of forever

when the clouds passed over
in the early morning hours
and the shadows disappeared

an orange tree in the courtyard

legs crossed, one over the other
observed against an iron fence

there is no road left

A bike. Soft pedals.

A dying machine.


III. The Red Fortress


silhouettes of palm trees
stand firm on islands in the dusk

there is an absence of sand, however

hello, she says
you’re far away, she says

through signals, creating distance,
a distance between two lives

yet, we are both,
thinking, breathing, feeling

I would break if I was by you,
dissolve into the irreparable

now we let go of the unsaid,
the one day buried

and just smile because this love is real,
but the absence eats steadily

a parody of song,
so go, and I’ll go with you