Plum Wine

fiction - She drives a 1980 Volvo 343 Blue Special that her Dad handed down to her after College. She sits in her car, down the block from her parents house, trying to figure out where to go for the night. Some friends text her earlier, and they presented options, but she has yet to [...]


fiction - We're on a park bench, facing a lake, and though her body is positioned forward, away from me, I can see from the corner of my eyes that her head is turned in my direction. She's burning holes in me with her eyes, figuring something out, so I turn and meet her gaze. [...]

Green River

fiction -  Mike rides like the wind on a night during the last slow stretch of Fall. Cold, fast, and gone before you have a chance to see it move the palms. From PCH to the 710 to the 5, straight into the heart of the city, we fly down the dark concrete band toward [...]


essay - notes about art  I imagine myself standing in a Vegas casino when these thoughts takes shape, or sitting at the end of a dark bar, drinking something with whiskey, or maybe standing alone in an elevator during the middle of the day. It seems as if the failure to connect, or the failure of [...]


fiction - We're in a cafe with red vinyl 1950's style booths. There are tiny little jukeboxes on the ends of every table, and Sheryl Crow is wondering if it makes you happy over the speakers. Elle sits across from me, playing air guitar to the chorus of the song, rocking her head gently back [...]


The desk light is on and my watch shows 3:31 AM and the house is silent. I step out through the doors and onto the deck overlooking the grainy faded shoreline. As my eyes adjust I resolve the shapes of other buildings near the water and trace their sharp edges in the dark. Neil Young [...]

Ventura Chopperfest 2018

pictures - 14th Annual David Mann Chopperfest On Sunday, Feb. 4, I woke up with no intention of heading anywhere. Last year I missed Chopperfest due to an engine problem, so this time, after cleaning my place, making breakfast, and scoping around on IG, 9:30am seemed early enough to still drive to Ventura and see [...]